Scenario Based Training/Force on Force

Course Lessons:

This class is one of a kind in nature and to break it down into specific lessons does not do it justice.  We took our training and experience of over 30 years and poured it into creating scenario’s that you may find yourself in, while carrying your gun as you may now do.  These classes make you think of not just while you are in the class, but force you to create a reactive plan in case you encounter an incident when by yourself or with your family.   

We further discuss current case law and educate you on when you can use deadly force.

We train with Air Soft pistols, similar to Glocks, in this class, using them as we would our own carry and conceal guns.  We discuss and demonstrate weapon retention and marksmanship. You will defend yourself with the Airsoft gun as you would your own CCL choice gun. We provide holsters and airsoft pistols for this training.    

We educate you on why articulation is a key component in your ability to explain your decisions.  In this class, we do not believe in making the wrong decision, we want you to be able to articulate what you chose to do and why.  There is no right or wrong way to react in this class, but we enlighten you to what is best for you. 

Course Length:

  • This is a 4 hour class

Course Cost:

  • The fee for this course is currently $50.00
  • Date night or buddy specials of $5.00 off each fee. Ex. 2 for $90.00
  • Discounts and group pricing available
  • Nurses,, Teachers, Firemen, Spouses of Law Enforcement receive special discounts Contact Bronson at 618-795-6028.


  • There are no prerequisites for taking this course. Just arrive with an open mind and a positive attitude, ready to learn.

Course Completion:

  • A completion certificate for the module in training will be provided for your records of documented training.

Other Information and common questions:

  • Who may take this course? Anyone
  • Students under 18 will need written permission from parent or guardian
  • Why should take this course?  This course gives you another training option to keep up on case law and decision making skills needed.  This class is documented by us and a certificate is given to you. 

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