Prior Training Credits

Below is a list of training courses acceptable to satisfy the prior training requirements, consistent with Section 75(i) of the Act, and the appropriate credit to be applied for each. It is the responsibility of the instructor to verify successful completion of prior training and apply credit as listed. Once this credit is combined with additional training hours provided by the instructor, the approved ILCCF Instructor will certify the 16-hours were met. Approved ILCCF Instructors should inform applicants how much credit they will receive for their prior training and remind them the prior training certificates must be submitted with the ILCCF Training Certificate when they apply. This list will be updated as additional courses are submitted and approved by the Department.

Keep in mind that the student must have documentation to support their training, and will need to provide it when they take the class and when they apply for their concealed carry credentials.

Course Title - Acceptable Credit

Illinois Hunter Safety Course - 4 hours
Utah Concealed Carry - 4 hours
Florida Concealed Carry - 4 hours
Nevada Concealed Carry - 4 hours
Missouri Concealed Carry - 4 hours
Kentucky Concealed Carry - 4 hours
Michigan Concealed Carry - 4 hours
Chicago Firearms Safety Course - 4 hours
NRA Basic Pistol - 8 hours
NRA Personal Protection in the Home - 8 hours
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home - 8 hours